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Here at the Raymond Laurie Sports centre we have two full size futsal courts which we run our weekly competitions on.

Our Competitions include

Tuesday  – Opens Mixed Futsal

Futsal/Indoor Soccer follows the FIFA Futsal rules and regulations which can be found below.

The game of Futsal is played on an indoor or outdoor court, the field size of the court measures from 15mtrs wide to 30mtrs long,
or for International Standard it will be 40mtrs x 20mtrs with 3mtrs x 2mtr goal posts.
2. From a kick off, the ball must be played forward. A goal CANNOT be scored directly from a kick off.
3. A team consists of 5 players, 4 court players and 1 goalkeeper; the maximum number of players in a team    is 12.
4. No tackling from behind or slide tackling is allowed.
5. Dangerous play is not allowed.
6. All players MUST BE REGISTERED with the RLSC
9. Players are not permitted to use objects that might endanger them or others, including any kind of accessories, jewellery and/or glasses.
10. Unlimited ‘flying’ substitutions. Players can re-enter the game as many times without notifying the referee, this also includes the goalkeeper (games will not be stopped for substitutions). Substitutions must be made in the substitution area. A substitute player
can only enter after the player they are substituting is off the court.
11. There is NO offside in Futsal, and players can score from anywhere in the court of play.
12. When the ball goes out over the sideline, it is then placed on the sideline; it must be stationary and kicked into the court to another player. All opposing players must be at least 3 metres from the ball, the foot not kicking the ball must be OUT of the court or part of
the foot touching the side line.
13. A goal cannot be scored directly from a sideling KICK-IN, but you can from a corner KICK-IN.
14. The goalkeeper cannot throw the ball over the 2/3 line on a small court, or over ½ way line on an International size court, once the
Goalkeeper uses their hands to handle the ball, they must throw the ball back into play, however if the goalkeeper does not handle the
ball with their hands, they are free to kick the ball any length and even score.
15. The Goalkeeper is not allowed to drop-kick the ball at any time.
16. Goal Clearance or Goalkeepers throw, the goalkeeper throws the ball from the marked goal area to restart play after the ball has gone over the goal line, last being touched by an attacking player.
17. The goalkeeper has 5 seconds time limit to control the ball and release it from their possession in their own half of the pitch.
18. Goalkeepers are not allowed to pick up the ball with their hands from a deliberate back pass from any of their team mates.
19. The game has a 5 second time limit at all kick-ins, corner kicks and free kicks.
20. Free Kicks, the opposition must be back 3mtrs from the taking of any free kicks, unless the team awarded the free kick decides to take a quick free kick.
21. Hand ball is when a ball touches a player from the shoulder down (not including the shoulder). A deliberate handball will be awarded with a direct free kick/penalty to the opposition. An accidental handball will be awarded an indirect free kick to the opposition; unless
the opposing team gains advantage (advantage rule); this decision is up to the referee’s discretion. Female players are allowed to protect their chest area and male players are allowed to protect their groin area with their hands and arms, as long as there is no movement of the hands and arms towards the ball.
22. Each team has 5 team fouls per half, any fouls after the 5th will be penalised with a ten meter penalty shot by the opposition.
23. During the game, a referee has the option of using 2 cards, Yellow and Red.
24. Referees have the right to warn, ask to leave or eject from the Stadium, any spectator or player whom they feel is bringing the game
into disrepute.